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Phone (206) 933-0515
Fax (206) 933-0502
Toll Free (800) 652-6622

Company President/Heavy Specialized and Rigging

Jeff Landstrom
Phone ext 301

Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Newton
Phone ext 308

General Manager Operations and Sales

Jason Mitchell
Phone ext 302

Local and Intermodal dispatch

Christina Quinn
Phone ext 312

Michael Kaydus
Phone ext 300

Longhaul Dispatch

Mary Westlake (Lead)
Phone ext 316

Katherine Steiger
Phone ext 309

David Vig
Phone ext 314

Warehouse and CFS Services

Shelly Copenhaver CFS Mgr.
Phone ext 305

Terry Saunders
Phone ext 306

Paul DuBonsky

Accounting/Accounts Payable

Teri McGlothlin
Phone ext 307

Administrative Services/Driver Services/Accounts Receivable

Lorece Newton
Phone ext 304

Documentation and Billing

Kim Edson
Phone ext 329

Sharon Lajoie
Phone ext 303


Sherry Curnow
Phone ext 330