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This stick and boom for a 1200 excavator was imported to the U.S. and hauled to our Seattle CFS for transload and tie-down to rail cars for inland shipment. This picture is a great example of our heavy lift capabilities; the stick and boom weighed in at 750,000...

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We transported this 35-ton pressure vessel from the Seattle piers to its final destination inland in Washington State. We picked up the break bulk from the steam ship and transported the super-heavy cargo on a 4-axle flatbed and 4-axle...

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Large bucket for a Caterpillar 994 wheel loader; see the main body of the machine in picture #4. We transloaded the machine parts from rail cars to super heavy-haul trucks for delivery to inland destination, where the machine would be assembled. The heaviest lift was 90,000 pounds, while the total operating weight of the machine is 160 tons. Transporting this super heavy cargo required 6 truck loads to the final destination....

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Main body of a Caterpillar 994 wheel loader. See the bucket in picture #3. We transloaded the machine parts from rail cars to super heavy-haul trucks for delivery to inland destination, where the machine would be assembled. The heaviest lift was 90,000 pounds, while the total operating weight of the machine is 160 tons. Transporting this super heavy cargo required 6 truck loads to the final...

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Off the ship and on the road in a flash!

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Our list of project cargo success stories keeps getting longer, while the time it takes us to get project cargo off the ship and onto the road keeps getting shorter.

In our latest success story, our crew offloaded and transloaded heavy and high-value parts for transformers from 11 flat racks and a 40-ft dry container onto 11 over-the-road trucks in under 9 hours. The cargo was off the ship and on to its way to its final destination in Baltimore, Maryland, in a flash.

The reason? Our expert long-haul personnel, who worked up very specific load plans before the cargo was even offloaded from the container. The load plans, for 11 specific types of  trailers, were exactly accurate and greatly facilitated the rapid load and departure time.

Call us at 800-652-6622 whenever you need cargo offloaded, transloaded, or transported.

See Project Cargo and Long and Heavy Haul for more information.

Tilting at Windmills

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With the increase in construction of windmill farms for wind-generated energy, we’ve become the Seattle and parts northwest expert in handling the various components of windmill farms, including tower sections, blades, generators, flange rings, and other parts that often come in break bulk or on flat rack equipment. We’ve handled hundreds of flat racks of flange rings loads, which are often in the neighborhood of 80,000 pounds and over 15 feet in diameter. To ensure that the rings are not damaged or even touched during loading and unloading, we’ve developed our own proprietary method using a combination of heavy-lift forklifts and rigging chains, among other pieces. Call us today at 800-652-6622 for all your precious cargo needs. See Project Cargo and Long and Heavy Haul for more information about our unparalleled service and...

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About United Motor Freight

United Motor Freight of Seattle, Washington, stands ready to serve your transportation, freight management, and rigging needs. As the leading project cargo, long and heavy haul, and drayage and intermodal delivery company in the greater U.S. and Canadian Pacific Northwest region, we have the specialized equipment and expert know-how to fill your every shipping need.

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Contact Us

Phone (206) 933-0515
Fax (206) 933-0502
Toll Free (800) 652-6622
Tilting at Windmills